France's riot police have been routed in battle by a swarm of nude sunbathers at St. Tropez Brigitte Bardot's summer capital in the Riviera.

Miss Bardot has a private villa protected from prying eyes by a big fence. But not so the herd at St. Tropez, which includes a group of less well-known stars and starlets who go to the resort's famous Pampelonne beach.

Traditionally, the sunning garb at Pampelonne beach is risque. Almost all the girls doff bikini tops to soak up the sun, and some men and women bathers shed more.

But then a big force of anti-riot police, who have had little to do since the waning of terrorism, was sent to the southern coast to enforce a purity campaign and control indiscriminate nudism.

There were so many nude sunbathers on the beach, however, that the purity cops decided they could arrest only a token half-dozen.

They tried, but the sunbathers struck together. When the police tried to haul the chosen six off to headquarters, a whole beachful of men and women threatened to follow the martyrs dressed as they were--without a stitch.

The police retreated without any prisoners.

New York Times

(Source: The Bulletin, vol. 12 No. 10, October, 1963)

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